Learn with a virtual one to one teacher in the comfort of your own home

Secondary school entrance tests, the Year Six SATS tests and preparation for secondary school can mean that the final years of primary education are demanding. Additionally, new teaching methods, confusing reporting systems and reluctance to do homework can mean that it is difficult to ensure that your child is working to their full potential and getting all of the help that they need in Key Stage Two. Cloud School have created all the solutions that you need to ensure that your child receives the best support and guidance throughout this important period.

Personalised learning journey following UK National Curriculum

Success at Key Stage Two requires children to be confident in a broad range of skills and have the understanding to be able to apply those skills in a variety of different contexts. Away from the pressures and distractions of the classroom, with Cloud School your child can practice, consolidate and apply their learning, at their own pace with support from an online tutor,

Motivating and fun –children progress and improve

Choosing from a wide range of National Curriculum topics created by respected educators, and our carefully chosen selection of experienced tutors, you can find the learning experience that matches your child’s needs. Whether struggling, SEN or lacking confidence, our online teachers have the knowledge and experience to help.

Instant, affordable tuition when and where you want

Without the need to schedule tuition, and tutors available 24/7, learning is really easy. Your child can log in and learn with tailored support from a tutor whenever they want. With a shared screen and instant communication, your child can find the answers to all their questions, and practice key skills, at anytime of the day, from anywhere in the world.

Monitor progress and communication

With rigorous safeguarding procedures and carefully selected tutors, we have a range of monitoring systems in place that enable you to monitor your child’s progress and interactions whilst online.

Start helping your child to achieve their full potential today.