For parents seeking academic help outside of the classroom, tutoring becomes a viable option. With the aid of Internet options, today's tutoring profession has seen a tremendous evolution. But many parents wrestle with the question: is an online option right for my child's learning and my family's needs?

At Cloud School we offer tutoring of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 as well as home schooling options.

Onine Tutoring and Home Schooling (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2)

With online tutoring, learning can happen anytime. This flexibility also gives access to answers when questions come up -- there's no waiting until a scheduled day and time for problem solving. 

Unlike traditional tutoring that requires yet another appointment on over-crowded calendars, online tutoring works around your child's busy schedule. Additionally, there's more time spent learning and less time driving -- on both sides of the computer.

Children and parents save a considerable amount of commuting time. Since tutors do not have to commute, they can be more flexible with timings and needs of the students.

Personalised Approach

The variety of teaching aids online helps understanding for all learning styles. Instant-messenger, text chat, Skype, shared whiteboards, shared files, graphing tools and the ability for differentiated instruction are only a few of these tools.

Just like face-to-face tutoring, online tutors are able to customize their approach to your child and their learning style and rather than needing to schedule a full hour or more for each session, online tutoring allows students to log in for shorter, more frequent sessions. This keeps students fully engaged and on-task during an entire session.


Empowering Techniques

The perceived anonymity of online learning creates a safety net for even the shyest student to ask questions and explain what they need to understand within the comfort of their home.

Students who use online tutoring develop their questioning skills and become more interested and engaged in their own learning. Teachers report students who use online tutoring ask more questions in class.

Additionally, online tutoring allows kids to utilize different technologies, a skill that's becoming increasingly important in our world. Kids enjoy using the technology they love [computer, tablet and phone] to connect to someone for help that is completely focused on them and their problem.


Expert Assistance

Online tutors hold a wealth of knowledge, experience and academic degrees. Online, you'll find academic tutors, college-readiness tutors, career tutors, homework tutors and even librarians. When parents bring experts, who are passionate about the subjects for which they teach to their child's tutoring sessions, they show their children there's more to learning than just passing tests and memorizing information. Having someone who is truly excited about what they're teaching will help your children become passionate about learning.